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Stay Protected on the Open Road

Car collectors and daily drivers can find the coverage they need at a price they can afford by turning to Allgard Insurance Services, Inc. of La Mesa, California. While Bud specializes in antique car insurance, he provides all drivers access to affordable rates and great coverage. Please call for a quote today.

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Antique Car Insurance Specialist

Insure your antique for its full value and receive coverage though Bud that's better than regular auto insurance policies. Amazingly, some policies come with $0 deductible.

Requirements for Antiques

Your car must be at least 25 years of age, has to be garaged, and cannot be your main vehicle. If you meet these criteria, you won't believe how easy and affordable it to insure your collectible car. Bud personally takes photos of the vehicle to send to the insurer, and will negotiate on your behalf to receive outstanding rates. You get the true value and not the depreciated value.

After You've Been in an Accident

Call Bud to take the accident report. Some might call this "old-fashioned" but Bud agrees it's extremely efficient to take the report and send it directly to the claims office. During the claim process, he will take care of any related issues during normal business hours including shopping for repair rates and finding what's best for your situation.