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Protect Your Home & Belongings

Owners and renters of homes, condos, town houses, and vacation homes can't afford not to protect their property with policies and coverage provided by Allgard Insurance Services, Inc. of La Mesa, California. Have owner Bud Watkins come to look at your property in San Diego County to be sure it qualifies and is insured for its true value, not under insured. Bud provides policies for homes and for the contents of those homes.


Basics of Home

Relative to your needs, home insurance can cover the home as well as primary structure, garages, personal property, clothes, and furniture. Here you'll find yearly policies that you can pay monthly or annually.

Exploring Your Options

Should you be required to live in another place as a result of damage to your home, your loss of use coverage would kick in and you'll receive the assistance you need. Personal liability, available through many homeowner policies, deals with damage to goods such as jewelry, watches, furs, collectibles, silverware, coin collections, and more.

Protect yourself against the threat of floods or earthquake by buying the coverage all Californians should own. Please keep in mind that earthquake insurance has to come from California Earthquake Authority and flood insurance from the Federal Government. However, Bud can assist with that. Fire, lighting, windstorm, riot, vandalism, and everything else is covered in the policy.

Protecting Renters

A renter's insurance policy with loss of use covers occupant's clothes, furniture, and possessions and pays them to live elsewhere while the property is under repair. It also includes personal liability, and provides protection while on vacation from fire and theft in the hotel or wherever they stay.

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